Finishing my Second Novel

July 2019 signifies another milestone for me — I have finished my second novel! And Echo of Love came in with a scant 120k words. A lot shorter than the whopping 145k words of Murmur of Love

Why is this such a big achievement for me?

Because now I know I can do it!

Yes, I can write.

My grammar might not always be up to scratch, my spelling is really bad, I botch my punctuation up, and let’s not talk about mixing up tenses . . .

BUT, bottom line is, I can weave a story together that people actually enjoy reading. AND I can safely leave the grammar, spelling, punctuation and tenses to my beleaguered editor to sort out. 

So where to from now?

It’s hard being torn between a day job and wanting to write all the time, and after a Very Serious Discussion with my husband — having a Very Supportive Spouse is great! — I have made the decision to close down my webdesign business and become a full-time author. There is a lot of sadness with this decision, because I have built wonderful relationships with my clients over the years.

But it is the right one.

The bottom line is, writing stories energizes me, and writing code does not! And at this stage in my life, I am all about doing what puts a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

So watch out book-world, here comes Nicole Ann Nielsen, author of Contemporary Romance novels.


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