The Texas Solace Series

The Texas Solace series is not just about the powerful relationship between the main characters. It’s also about family and the dynamics within the Lawson family. It’s filled with second chances and forgiveness, healing and redemption between the members of the family and also those who have wounded them.  

In this series you will be transported to the fictional world of Bulwark, Blaze County set in the heart of the Texas Panhandle (see my Mott Creek blog). You’ll soon find yourself entrenched in the wonderful people who inhabit the region.


Right Side of Love

Start the series with Right Side of Love and get to know Jonathan and Branna, the couple at the head of the Lawsons from Lawson’s Landing. This short story transports us back many years to when their life as a couple first started.

Murmur of Love

Fast forward forty years, and you get to know Aidan, their firstborn son, in Murmur of Love.

Still reeling from his nasty divorce, Aidan has sole custody of his adopted daughter, Caitlin. But times are tough: the ranch is struggling, and to added to his woes, his ex-wife is making moves to take Caitlin from him.

He’s at his wits end.

Then the famous — and drop dead gorgeous — Cecelia steps into his life and turns it upside down.

Before he can blink, Aidan finds himself in a marriage of convenience, father to two little orphaned boys and a supermodel for a wife — one who seems to be weighed down by secrets.

As Cecelia reveals her closely kept secrets, one by one, we get to know a woman who is prepared to go to unthinkable lengths to protect those she loves.  

Echo of Love

Echo of Love is the story of second chances between Siobhan, the middle daughter, and Daniel, the man who abandoned her, pregnant, at sixteen. His return to town is unexpected and shocking, leaving Siobhan and their son, Dax, reeling.

The present day Daniel is not the same as the Daniel who fled the town all those years ago and joined the army. His time in service to his country cost him a great deal but also set him on a path to become the head of a successful security company.   

With the same determination he put into recovering from his war injury and his business, Daniel faces the people he hurt most. Bit by bit, he chisels away at their resentment by his willingness to own his mistakes and find a way back in their lives.

Up Next

Rush of Love is the third full-length book in the series and will be released in August 2020, and features Josephine Lawson and Kurt Wheeler, county sheriff and their illicit love affair that started when she was nanny to his children.

This will be followed by Call of Love in 2021 where Sullivan Lawson will have to make a difficult choice between his family and country, and the woman he loves.

The series does not end here, but the rest of the books are not yet named, and the characters haven’t quite revealed their story.

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