Right Side of Love

To kick start the Texas Solace Series, I have written Right Side of Love. It’s a short story, 12k words, introducing you to Jonathan and Branna.

Jonathan Lawson inherits the original Double J with his cousin, Jason. But Jason is only interested in rodeos, and on the eve of their grandfather’s funeral, Jason hitches his trailer and takes of, leaving a seventeen-year-old Jonathan to cope with running the entire ranch.

It’s tough, but Jonathan manages to keep the ranch together. Unfortunately, certain things get left by the wayside, such as his burgeoning relationship with the pretty Branna O’Connor.

After six years of waiting for her Jonny to get his act together, Branna has had enough, and she decides to take matters in hand. 

And then Jason returns.

Read Right Side of Love to find out how the two young lovers cope with the cousin being back, and finally find their happy ever after.

Of course, their story continues as we read about their children’s tumultuous lives, starting with Murmur of Love, available on Amazon.

Right Side of Love is available on Amazon for $0.99, BUT it is also available for free when you sign up for my newsletter