Mott Creek Ranch

This August I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting my friend, Marisue Potts, on her ranch near Matador, Motley County, Texas. We met via the internet when I had the temerity to email her, and ask if she would mind answering a few questions about ranching. There I was, a complete stranger, someone who has never set foot on a cattle ranch, never mind Texas. Without hesitation she agreed, and our years-long friendship started.

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Watch Out Texas, Here I Come…

With both my sisters living in America, visiting the States is a fairly regular occurrence. At the end of July, I have my next trip coming up. I choose July/August as my oldest sister, Cynthia, will be celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary. What an achievement!  

Oh, I almost forgot . . . it’s also an opportunity to escape the cold and wet Cape winters! I love the Western Cape of South Africa. The winter weather — not so much.

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Joining a Writing Group

I did it! I reached beyond my comfort zone and joined a writing group – the Romance Writers Association of South Africa (ROSA), Cape Town chapter. 

What an amazing experience meeting fellow dreamers, ordinary woman, all with one thing in common – a love of writing. Some of the ladies are published authors; and some, like me, are still ‘getting there’.   Continue reading “Joining a Writing Group”

So What did I Learn?

… from the manuscript assessment, that is.

Having your work criticized is daunting. As a whole, I don’t take criticism well. I suppose not many people can handle being told you’re doing something wrong, but somehow it truly gets my back up.

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… and … Feedback!

The author can rightly be proud of herself for creating a novel with such a complex and ambitious plot. It takes enormous discipline and courage to write a romantic saga of 144 000 words. It is clear that she knows the genre well and understand the basic elements needed to engage readers from beginning to end. There are however various aspects of the text that can be improved. The rest of this report will be used to point them out and make suggestions on how to address these problems, so the author can strengthen her novel and refine her craft.”

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