Creating my Stories

When I set out, and started writing, I decided to go BIG. Why write one book, when you can write a series based on different characters? Siblings, for instance.

And so my Walker family was born. Hardy Texans, growing up on a cattle ranch, as durable as their rugged surrounds.

In this harsh environment a cowboy rescues a damsel in need by agreeing to a marriage of convenience (book 1); a damaged war veteran returns to claim the woman and son he abandoned years ago (book 2); a disillusioned woman flees home with a stalker hot on her heels, straight into the arms of the local sheriff (book3); a horse breeder meets up with a woman so far beyond his reach, that their love seems doomed (book 4); a lost heir is found with the help of a determined lawyer, midst the turmoil of a dangerous rescue (book 5); the bad-boy prodigal needs to overcome the hurt wrought by his choices (book 6).

Yes, it’s all fluff, romantic and soppy, full of drama, but always with a happy ending.

Pure escapism.

Filled with twists and turns to keep you reading.

With some luck—and a multitude of edits—I hope that my art will eventually find its way to you and give you a few hours of pleasure.

I know that I am having tremendous amount of fun bringing life to my imagination.

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